Come and get to know UniKidz

We are UniKidz. Not your run-of-the-mill childcare organization. Of course we do provide kids and their parents with excellent childcare so you do not have to worry about the wellbeing and  education of your child. Yes, we are a second home for toddlers and youngster ages 0 to 18. And of course we also provide first-rate homework assistance, plus remedial teaching, coaching and tutoring to those kids who may just need that little extra nudge. But we do much more. Through our unique pedagogical approach translated into activities and programs that enable kids to tap into their strengths and reach full potential by addressing their talents and natural taste for exploring things. Allowing them to discover their uniqueness while expanding their horizon in a playful manner. In a safe environment, where ‘you must’ doesn’t exist, yet everything is possible. ‘By-itself development’ as we call it at UniKidz.


You are cordially invited to come and get to know us, tour our locations and get a taste of the unique UniKidz atmosphere! Get started  by reading Our UniKidz Story here.