Get to know us

In 2009, based on their one-of-a-kind philosophy, the Lalic sisters Ivana and Svetlana began a small-scale after-school child care facility in Amsterdam IJburg. The small-scale facility rapidly grew bigger, and one location became multiple locations that nowadays offer more than mere excellent after-school care. Today Unikidz has become a second home for kids aged 0 to 18, with various locations all over IJburg, providing activities and programs that enable kids to tap into their strengths and reach full potential by addressing their talents and natural taste for exploring things. Allowing them to discover their uniqueness while expanding their horizon in a playful manner. In a safe environment, where ‘you must’ doesn’t exist, yet everything is possible.

Which is why we put our heart and soul into offering toddlers and youngsters an environment that is both safe and stimulating, each and every day again. So they can grow and flourish, tap into their strengths and reach full potential. ‘By itself-development’ is what we call that at UniKidz. To achieve this we coach them based on our social pedagogical vision, and organized into 5 labels’ as we call them: childcare, theatre, cooking, sports and study. Of course you can have your child participate in just the one label of your choice, or any combination of labels. What always comes first is the most optimal development of your child. Which is why our team of enthusiastic professionals is close to our children and parents: this way we can always tailor our expertise to what is best for your child and you. At UniKidz, both kids and parents are in professional and trusted hands.