The activities on our activity programme can be different per period. We have of variety of activities that are NEW and changing,
and some of the popular activities stay standard on our programmes. So there is something, for everyone!

Happiness for the child….Convenience for the parent!


Judo is all about moral standards, values and discipline. Of course you also get fitter and more resilient when you do judo, as well as becoming more confident, but the best thing remains the fun you will have on the mat together.

Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Dutch world and Olympic judo champion, Anton Geesink. At UniKidz kids from 4 years of age and up can do so. No matter how old you are, and whether you’ve worn the traditional white judo uniform before or not, our instructors will teach you how to fall, throw, roll, and much more. Since opening our doors we have produced a number of true judo champions, of whom we are as proud as can be!

School of Theatre ACT

For anyone between the ages of 6 and 18 who wants to experience the secrets of the theatre. Learn the basic ins and outs plus the finer techniques of singing, dancing, acting and performing from professionals. Over the past 10 years, hundreds of our kids have discovered the magic of theatre through our classes. So step into the spotlights!



Animal-friendly interaction with horses, ponies and nature is central at our Riding Academy. The Academy is a member of the Federation of Dutch Riding Schools, which sets high standards when it comes to safety, horse care, as well as the quality of the lessons and the equipment. The perfect place for kids to learn horse riding in a responsible manner under the guidance of experienced and qualified instructors. Also the place to be for more experienced horse and pony kids: the Academy provides lessons at all levels of the various horse sport disciplines, including dressage, handling and driving, jumping, vaulting and carousel.


Do you dream of designing and making your own clothes? Then this is your chance! In 10 sessions you get all the room you need for your own creativity and ideas. You learn the basic techniques of sewing, designing and actually making clothes, pattern drawing, colour combinations, properties of different fabrics, as well as how to use a professional sewing machine. Let your imagination run free and get started on a piece of clothing or accessory, such as a bag, skirt, t-shirt or whatever tickles your fancy. Determine your own unique fabric and colour combinations, and make your design into a unique piece in the whole wide world!


A fun way at UniKidz to learn the basic positions and techniques of classical ballet. Under the direction of Maartje Prince of Danza Studio, you will be working on a correct ballet posture, but of course there is also plenty of time for games and improvisation that stimulate musicality, your ‘dance sense’ and creativity.


Water is all around us in the Netherlands and we like to get into it, not only to cool down on hot days, but also to enjoy doing a couple of laps or for some fun splashing and playing around. For optimal enjoyment and safety, we as a after school care institute encourage kids at a young age to take swimming lessons. The basis for this is the Swim ABC, a certificate for a lifetime of swimming and water pleasure.

Fun and safe!


N-Zone is a fun game that has its roots in rough and tough American Football. Two teams compete for the ball in the open air, and then get 4 attempts to get the ball into the opponent’s N-Zone. Sounds easy, but there’s a lot to it since the opponents aren’t just going to sit back either! The attacking team consists of 1 passer, 1 centre blocker and several receivers, so everyone will get their hands on the ball. Go offense!



Kickfun 4kids is a class, where we teach on a friendly wise our children the basic techniques of a combination of sports like jiu jitsu, boxing, taekwondo and judo. This helps them for their defensibility and self confidence.


Ever more people choose to eat vegetarian meals, some go a 100% vegetarian, others for a few days a week as so-called ‘flexitarians’. Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish and crustaceans. Different people eat vegetarian food for a variety of reasons: some because they are pro animal welfare, other because of health reasons, some because they support a more sustainable environment, and yet others because of their faith. In addition to vegetarian cooking, you will also learn about semi-vegetarian and vegan food during this workshop. Tasty and educational in one mix!


Physical activity is good for you, we all know that. But are we getting enough exercise? And exercising can be a bit boring at times, so we prefer to skip it altogether. But not at JumpGym! JumpGym is pure fun! Get started with your jump skills on the trampoline, combined with climbing on various devices. So let’s Jump!



During this workshop you will treat yourself to face masks, foot baths, massages and more. Mmmmmm! Wonderful, and educational at the same time, because there is a lot to learn about wellness and spa. And who knows, maybe at some time you want to do something with wellness and spa yourself.


Sounds tough, yet is nothing but fun! UniKidz boot camp training had been specifically developed. By tapping into their intensity level, we make sure that all curious and tough rascals keep on moving in a fun and rugged way. The boot camp sessions take place both indoors and outdoors, of course under supervision by experienced professionals and in a safe setting.



People have always made jewellery, ever since we were still walking around in animal hides.  At that time materials included bone and animal skin, later gold and silver were used, of course decorated with gems and other sparkling stones. And you can, in fact, jewellery from any material whatsoever, once you know how to do it … And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this workshop, when you will be making beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings that sparkle like a rainbow of colours!

MAKING MUSIC - like for example DJEMBE

The djembe is a goblet-shaped drum, originally from West Africa, played with your bare hands. For hundreds of years this characteristic drum has been in use by tribes on the border between Mali and Guinea. The Djembe is played in a group setting: making music together in a typical African setting. Even kids who have never made music before can drum along in no time. During this workshop you will also learn about the larger doundoun bass drums. So come and drum with us!


Handball is exactly what the word says: a sport in which you can only touch the ball with your hands, not with your feet. But there’s a lot more to handball than you may think. What are the rules? What are the best tactics? How do you catch a ball, and what are the best throwing techniques? You will find all that out, and much more, during this professional clinic with plenty of drills and lots of gameplay of course.

General OSCR activities

Don’t feel like doing an organized activity? Feel like playing by yourself or with  other kids? No problem at UniKidz! Enjoy playing around with Lego, do some creative crafts, or bury your nose in a book of your choice: it’s completely up to you which relaxing activity you go for.


During these workshops you will be doing various projects using PlayMaize. PlayMaize helps kids to better focus on a task and maintain a longer attention span.


The entire world is just nuts about football, and in the Netherlands football is by far the most popular sport in the country. Are you a great football fan and do you dream of becoming as good as Messi, Ronaldo, Cruyff, Sneijder or your own football hero? Then come to this clinic, learn the tips and tricks of the pro’s  and who knows, maybe one day you too will be playing at the highest level.


Show and musical dance is the spectacular, exciting and energetic dance style that you see on stage in musicals for example. It is a combination of different dance styles and is packed with jumps, twists, lifts and ground moves. We always start with a good warming up, then we do a few technical exercises and in the last part of the class we will be working on a choreography based on pop music, a song from a musical or famous film. So if you’re already restless and can’t keep your feet still: let’s dance!


In collaboration with ‘Boerderij (Farm) on IJburg’ we teach kids 4 years and up how to deal with horses in a responsible manner. They also learn about things like handling and vaulting. But having fun in dealing with the beautiful ponies always comes first.


Do you like the smell of sawdust? Find tools and creating things fun? Then this creative workshop is really for you! We are going to get started with all kinds of projects: we are going to be fret sawing, make wooden photo frames, construct an exciting marble run, and much more.


Always wanted to be a real baker? Then this is your chance. You will be getting stuck into baking tarts, cookies, cakes, pastries and many other delights. Then you will pack everything up and take it home, to surprise your family and enjoy what you baked!


Do you like being outside and being active? Then put on your sports shoes and join us! During this workshop we will playing various challenging sports and games, such as dodge-ball, rounders, football, baseball and many other crazy outdoor games. There is always something to do that you really like!


Learn the rules and techniques of volleyball, the popular ball sport where the ball has to go over the net, not in it! You will learn the rules of the game, techniques and tactics and everything else you need to become a top player. And of course we will also be playing fun matches. And once you’re hooked on volleyball, you may want to join a volleyball club and play real competition games.


Teamwork, defence, offense and shoot the ball in the basket. That’s all there is to basketball. But to become a true top player you need to seriously work at your game. Learn how to dribble, pass and shoot like a pro, as well as how to best defend against your opponent. But, above all, learn how play together tactically and effectively in order to win. The last part of each lesson is your chance to shine and show off what you’ve learned in a fast and furious game of basketball. Let’s do it!


For everyone who likes a laid back game of footy and have lots of fun together. We’ll begin each session with a proper warming-up, do several exercises with the ball and of course play some football! Here’s that shot …!


It’s summertime again, time for ice cream, summer fruits, cocktails, salads and many other jummy recipes. Every lesson we will be making a delicious dish in our cooking studio. And when we are done cooking we are ready to serve and enjoy what we’ve prepared on our terrace in the summer sun!


Did you know that hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the Netherlands? This is due to the many international successes achieved by the Dutch women’s and men’s teams. This fast family sport is fun for everyone and a sporty challenge at that. Learn the basic rules, ball skills and hockey techniques in this clinic.


In each workshop we will be cooking the most delicious dishes from a certain country or region. You will learn basic skills and the tricks of the chef’s trade. Of course you’ll receive a full description of the recipe so that you can surprise everyone at home with your cooking skills!


For all you creatives out there who want to learn how to make a 3D card. This technique creates depth in an image by sticking ever smaller images on top of each other with special 3D tape in between. That’s a lot easier than it sounds, and you’ll master it in no time! In this workshop you will be working on cards for all kinds of different occasions. It always gives a kick when someone has a birthday or when a baby has been born and you can send them a card that you made yourself!


Would you also like to do things yourself and surprise your parents? Like tying your own shoelaces, cutting and pasting, embroidering? During this workshop you will learn all this so you can do it yourself without the help of your dad or mum. So ner and nan a nan a na!