Scoolz: the place to chill, homework, tutoring, make plans for schoolcarreer and do fun stuff together!

Scoolz Junior 10-13 years

Hi Teenager!

Are you a teenager, who is searching for more freedom and meeting up with your peers? Than Scoolz Junior is the place 2B 4U. We are an after school care only for Teenagers, where we mix study with relaxing activities. What mainly counts is your own organisation of your day, based on your own interests and feelings.

At Scoolz Junior we also offer an after school activity programme like for example: pingpong, playing darts, chilling in our lounge and terrace, boxing, bootcamp, basketball clinics, yoga, streetdance, teach how to act, DJ workshops, computer programming, mindmapping, Cito training, private additional education from an experienced groep 7/8 teacher, and so more.

Hello Parent!

Day Care within Scoolz Junior is All-In!

  • No extra costs for tutoring
  • Small group additional education (tutoring) during day care hours
  • Tutoring by Juf Marijke, a 20 years experienced teacher (groep 7/8)
  • Coaching from our teencoach Renie
  • After School Activities: sports, games, dance, theatre, 21st century skills activities


Scoolz Senior 12-18 years

Hi High School Student!

Are you in high school and 12 – 18 years of age, then Scoolz is the place 2B 4U.
Because at Scoolz things are just that bit different. Concentration and relaxation go hand in hand. Homework is done in small groups, you have your personal youth coach and can request extra training or remedial teaching as you see fit. That’s the concentration bit. In addition we have great activities for you in the fields of sports, dance, drama, cooking and programming. And we frequently organize fun After Scoolz activities such as movie or game nights. That’s the relaxation part.

The activities that require concentration take place in an inspiring environment with a lounge, shared homework desk and focus booth, your choice of course. The other activities take place in our sports/dance/drama space, our cooking studio, or at our partners of Life and Kicking.


Your Parent!

Naturally there are moments for your parent to have contact with your coach, and we also offer fun and interesting workshops for them. They can truly relax, knowing that with us you are in good hands! No more homework stress at your house, and when you get home you have already worked out or undertaken some other fun and instructional activities with your Scoolz buddies.

Interested in finding out what Scoolz can do for you?