What exactly is STEAM all about?

STEAM taps in to the natural curiosity of kids plus their drive to want to create, explore and test things out, in short: STEAM taps into playful learning. STEAM focuses on the interconnections between Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (including language) and Mathematics. By allowing kids to discover the world for themselves without a prefixed plan or preferred outcome, they are not only more motivated, but this creates the room they need for their own development, resulting in even more motivation and connectedness in learning. This has tremendous benefits.

The characteristics of playful learning are the following: 

  • Meaningful: meaningful learning means that the material to be learned must be relatable to existing and especially familiar situations
  • Social Interaction: by talking about your thoughts and ideas, trying to understand those of others and exchanging and sharing ideas, kids not only have fun while interacting and playing with other kids, but at the same time they build mutual understanding and a strong relationship.
  • Fun: having fun is at the core of all play and games.
  • Active engagement: playful learning also means being actively engaged. A child can be completely absorbed while playing, further developing their ability to stay focused.
  • Repetition: repetition leads to increased learning.

How do kids get started with STEAM?

There are countless possibilities to get started with STEAM. Too many to mention, but here’s a few examples.

  • Science: doing experiments to find out the characteristics of various materials.
  • Technology: taking a look in a new and different world through virtual reality.
  • Engineering: taking a closer look at and building something, what is it that keeps something from collapsing, how do you construct a bridge for example?
  • Arts: Drawing and building based on your design
  • Mathematics: measuring and discovering distances, for example, or learning to program an app.

We make use of all kinds of materials and fluids, robots and Lego, technologies and apps.

That’s what I want!

I want STEAM for my child too!

I want STEAM for my child too!

STEAM is a major hit within our after-school care program! Our Haven en Neptunus location boasts a true STEAM room, our MAKERSPACE. If your child is enrolled in UniKidz after-school care, you can find STEAM in the activities program.

We can also arrange tailor-made workshops on location, such as events, schools, or at our own location. Send an E-mail to informatie@unikidz.nl for more information about all the possibilities.