Strong and fit in your body, strong and fit in your head

Also for kids who do not attend our ASCR!


Kids are constantly developing. They are growing, learn skills, acquire knowledge of the world around them and learn how to behave in a group. In this phase of their lives sports and exercising are tremendously important. Because it is by participating in physical activities and sports that skills such as coordination, confidence and social behavior are being developed and reinforced. In our Sports Studio kids are challenged in a familiar environment to try out new things and improve.


Sports lessons for kids

In our Sports Studio kids are challenged in a familiar and safe setting to try out new things and push their own boundaries. That’s because these lessons are specifically tailored to your child’s developmental phase. For instance, with the youngest kids we work with balloons, blowing bubbles and other small materials, and with the older kids the focus is more on gymnastic and motorical skills and building confidence through participation within the group.

In short, the UniKidz Sports Studio delivers and energetic contributes to your child’s ‘by-itself development’. Of course all the activities at our Sports Studio are supervised by experienced and licensed sports instructors.


Some examples of our sportsclasses: Basketball Clinic, Football Clinic, Rugby, Athletics, JumpGym, KickFun4Kids, Strength and Conditioning training, Judo, Taekwando, Boxing, Sailing, Mini- and Junior Gym, Swimming lessons, etc.


16.00-17.00: Jump Gym (ages 6-8)
17.00-18.00: Jump Gym (ages 8+)

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8 euro per les
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Our sports lessons are also open to kids who do not attend UniKidz ASCR!
We work in 10-week blocks. The program may be changed per block.

16:00 – 17:00 : Jump Gym (ages 6-8)
17:00 – 18:00 : Jump Gym (ages 8+)


Jump Gym
Exercising is good for you, we all know that. But are we doing it enough?
And exercising can be a bit boring at times, so we prefer to skip it altogether. But not at
Jump Gym! Jump Gym is pure fun! Get started with your jumping skills on the trampoline,
combined with exercises on various other gymnastics apparatuses. So let’s Jump!


Lessons are offered in 3 10-week blocks on a yearly basis. The cost of 1 lesson is € 8,- to be paid prior to the block concerned. Trial lesson upon request. No registration fee.

Unikidz Members receive a 5% discount.


Registration of your child or requesting a trail lessons is simple: just click the red button below and fill out the form. Registration is for one 10-week block.

UniKidz Members receive a 5% discount.


Sports studio ‘I-Am-fit’ Arena
Eva Besnyöstraat 11
1087 KR Amsterdam
Phone (020) 416 05 35