Our after-school care offers children an extensive programme of fun and educational activities to further develop their talents

We believe that after-school care is time off for children in which there is all the room they need for their personal needs and interests. Some children have a need to blow off steam, while others need quiet time for themselves. And yet others have the need to learn or create. These are all aspects of our philosophy in which we help children be themselves and further develop their talents.

Each of our after-school care facilities has its own profile, and all of them offer creative, athletic, educational and relaxing activities for children starting at the age of 4 years old.

We try and place ourselves in the shoes of our children as much as we can in order for us to provide them with what they need and want. Afterwards, it is up to them to choose what they do with their time. Because it is their time, their time off, and it is up to our well trained pedagogical staff to tune in to our children, and guide and stimulate them.


Daily Care

UniKidz offers after-school care all year round, which includes regular school weeks, school holidays, as well as in-service days. Our children are cared for in groups that consist of a maximum of 24 students, that are supervised by two pedagogical staff members (mentors). Our teams consist of professionals with either a vocational education, Bachelor or Master Degree, each with their own specialization. This includes creative therapists, dance teachers, drama teachers, sports and exercise instructors, STEAM specialists and various pedagogical coaches.

Our locations have different areas and spaces, which includes sports halls, dance halls, theatres, children cooking studios, libraries/quiet areas and general after-school care spaces. Daily we offer a diverse programme of activities in the fields of sports, play and games, drama, cooking, creativity, dance, outdoor, as well as education and instruction. Children can make their own conscious choice for either an active or relaxing pastime.

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Care (ASCR) during school holidays

UniKidz offers child care all year-round. During school holidays we offer various fun, challenging and instructive thematic activities. In addition to the activities offered at our various premises, our activity coordinators also frequently organise fieldtrips for our children. Here are few we recently visited: an ice-skating, Artis zoo, various museums, an indoor ski hall, a goat farm, the beach, canoeing, and much more! During school holidays our opening hours are 07:30 – 18:30.

In-service day care

The UniKidz approach to in-service day care is comparable to our school holiday offering. The difference lies in the fact that there is no pre-fixed program of activities for In-service day care. Because it is our experience and conviction that it is better to be flexible with our activities in order to respond to what it is our children themselves want to do on the day. For it is the only day in the week that they are free from school, whereas they have plenty of school-obligations the other weekdays. That’s why at UniKidz we focus on the fact that it is a day off for the children visiting our after-school care. And how they want to spend it is mostly up to them. The general principle is, however, that our staff at least offer one activity per half-day session. For the rest our children can pick and choose from the regular daily activity program when it comes to sports, games, drama, cooking, creativity, dance and education.

All-inclusive concept

UniKidz after-school care provides an all-inclusive concept. This means a complete package, 52 weeks a year, during school weeks as well as holidays and on In-service days. Children can choose from a wide range of activities. With thematic programmes and fieldtrips during holidays, and always receiving organic food and beverages. UniKidz all-inclusive: everything is included in our fee. That way, you know exactly where you stand!