Versatile activities and fun for your child’s versatile development! All year long!

UniKidz ASCR is known for its very extensive and varied activities program. On a daily basis, our kids engage in sports, games, drama, cooking, creativity, dance and education. They can make their own decision as to whether they want to participate in something active or rather go for something relaxing.

All sessions are supervised by professionals who challenge kids in a fun and playful manner geared towards developing their talents, for instance in our own professional Sports Studio, our go-explore STEAM Room, Atelier, the safe and fully-equipped Cooking Studio, our relaxing Tutoring Studio, our inspiring UniKidz Theater or close-by nature areas such as the Theo van Gogh park, Diemerpark, Blijburg and the adventurous climbing forest at our farm.


Not participating is OK too

It is of course  not required at all to choose an activity. If kids prefer to play as they like and want to participate in general ASCR activities such as Kapla building, drawing, playing board games, air hockey, table football, or prefer to quietly withdraw in the library/media center with a book, that’s all right too.


Our most-popular ASCR activities 

Happiness for the child….comfort for the parent!