Daily healthy nutrition for good energy

Healthy organic meals, that’s a conscious choice at UniKidz. We place great value on varied and healthy eating habits for our kids. That’s why the products we serve are organic and daily fresh. Every day we share a cozy table session with all the UniKidz kids, either for lunch or a healthy snack, fruit and a beverage. Food and drink are included in our fee. And of course we will be glad to help you in the case of allergies and special dietary wishes.


Why go organic?

  1. Organic crops taste better than non-organic produce. The crops are allowed more time to grow, ripen and develop taste.
  2. Because of a higher vitamin and mineral content. Organic products often contain more vitamin C, as well as minerals and anti-oxidants. They also contain significantly lower traces of pesticides and nitrate.
  3. Pure food as nature intended it. No added or artificial preservatives, fragrances, aromas or coloring agents.
  4. Another positive fact is that organic products are a welcome contribution to a more sustainable environment.


Evening meal

As an extra service to you as a parent/caretaker, UniKidz offers the possibility to serve your child(ren) a hot organic meal on their childcare day. Evening meals are provided daily from 18:00-19:00 and cost € 10,-