Unikidz, attention for growth and ‘by-itself development’

In principle, what we say isn’t exactly anything new: the way you raise a child has a direct impact on the child’s development in all aspects, with her or his unique mix of wishes, needs, character traits, qualities, talents and any areas that may require special attention. The art is in actually achieving just that: enabling kids to tap into their strengths in this fast-changing and dynamic world, with all its challenges and (digital) stimuli.

This requires an optimal match between parents as first-line educators and care and guidance agencies as second-line educators. Because, in addition to stimulating talents and tutoring here and there, this process also involves the transfer of values and norms, and learning to deal with others in a socially and emotionally safe setting.

And that is precisely what UniKidz offers: a second home for your child. A seamless addition to the daily upbringing the way you want your child to grow up. Provided by our certified professionals in consultation and coordination with you. With the emphasis on learning and discovering in a playful manner, stimulating talents, and positive feedback geared towards developing into a balanced individual. At UniKidz we call that: ‘by itself-development’.