Our small-scale daycare facility offers a warm and safe environment where children have all the room they require to grow and develop themselves.

With an optimal balance between both active and relaxing indoor and outdoor activities, children in the ages 0 – 4 are stimulated to keep developing themselves further. They actually do so in their own playful way: ‘by itself-development’, as we like to say at UniKidz.

To this end we have created stimulating and inspiring spaces within our facility where kids are challenged to move about, explore, experience, and learn things in the process. In spaces like our sports room, dance room, various theme rooms, our creative atelier, kids’ cooking studio, a story-tell room and a lovely garden, all child-friendly, naturally. And of course always under the supervision of our professional staff.

  • Organic nutrition, including a hot meal (milk formula not included)
  • Eco-diapers, hygiene and care products
  • Daily sports/play/dance/drama activities
  • Dedicated pedagogical team
  • VVE+ (pre-school and early childhood education with a plus)
  • Open Monday – Friday, 07:30 -18:30
  • UniKidz Family Membership benefits (click here for more information)

Daily Childcare

As a parent you entrust us with your most precious ‘possession’. Your trust and that of your child should not in any way be betrayed. Our promise to you is that in your absence, we will provide your child with a safe and warm environment where they will be taken care of by our staff with love and attention, assuring consistency in the daily upbringing of your child. We are committed to making children feel truly at home in our day care facility, that they can rely on a familiar caretakers and will be able to explore the world around them with that safe environment as their base, while in the process learning to interact with other children.

Creating a safe and warm environment is the result of the interaction between our staff, the children and the space they are in. Dedicated and familiar caretakers within a group, who ensure a high degree of continuity, is an important factor in all of this. Because of this, children can become attached to our caretakers, whom they get to know and with whom they feel safe and secure.