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0 to 4-year olds – Mini Gym – daily sport/game/dance/drama activities – inspiring and challenging playspots for our youngest an oldest – Unikidz+ package – organic meals – pedagogical coaches – all in concept

For Whom

0 to 4-year olds



UniKidz ParkHoek Childcare 0-4 year is a modern and small-scale facility for 2 groups of up to 12-16 kids each. The activities and spaces are geared specifically towards younger and older kids to provide extra challenges for their further development. Of course safety, a challenging environment and playful self-development are key here too.

Our team consists of teamleaders and professionals (mentors) with diverse educational backgrounds like (MBO, Bachelor or Master degree): a pedagogical coach, a nurse, a cultural-social youth worker, a social pedagogical counsellor, a dance/theatre teacher, a CIOS docent Sports and Exercise, a teaching assistant and pedagogical workers level 3/4. Together, they offer your child(ren) a warm and safe environment, and a perfect balance between both active and relaxing indoor and outdoor activities that challenge kids to keep developing themselves further: ‘by itself-development’ as we like to say at UniKidz.


Facilities, activities and more

  • Baby Sensory spot
  • DevelopmentPlus corner
  • Sport- and DanceHall
  • CookingClub
  • Children Atelier
  • Eco diapers
  • Warm organic meals
  • Daily sport/game/dance/drama-activities
  • UniKidz+ package
  • All-inclusive concept

Our Fees* for 2020 are as following:

Fees (school- and holiday weeks)

Number of Days Monthly Cost Hourly Rate
1 day € 429,00 € 9,00
2 days € 843,70 € 8,85
3 days € 1.251,25 € 8,75
4 days € 1.649,27 € 8,65
5 days € 2.037,75 € 8,55

UniKidz is working with graduated prices within our childcare (0-4 year) services. We will be happy to provide a detailed monthly cost overview for your specific situation. Please contact us here 

Childcare allowance

The government states that childcare is a joint responsibility of parents, employers and the government. Working parents who use childcare are eligible for compensation from the government. Those parents sign a contract with the childcare organization and have final financial responsibility. You will receive an invoice from your childcare organization which you can use to apply for childcare allowance with the Dutch Tax Administration (part of the Ministry of Finance). More information on this can be found at www.toeslagen.nl. The awarded allowance depends on family income, the number of children using childcare, the number of hours and the costs of childcare.

If you need help figuring things out, please do not hesitate to ask our assistance!

Openinghours location UniKidz ParkHoek

Contactdetails Days Openinghours
Eva Besnyöstraat 571 Monday 07.30 – 18.30
1087 LG AMSTERDAM Tuesday 07.30 – 18.30
informatie@unikidz.nl Wednesday 07.30 – 18.30
(020) 416 56 91 Thursday 07.30 – 18.30
Friday 07.30 – 18.30


Eva Besnyöstraat 571-573 in Amsterdam IJburg, right next to the beautiful Theo van Gogh park and playground where kids can enjoy playing out in the open air in a safe setting. Good accessibility: (paid) parking in the immediate vicinity and a bus/tram stop is well within walking distance.