Pre-School and Early Childhood Education Plus!



In our atmospheric VVE (=Pre-school and early childhood education) locations we offer pre-school education for toddlers aged 2-4 years. Here, toddlers get all the space they need to develop and prepare for primary school in a safe, loving and challenging environment. Making fun is central here!



Educational Programme

At UniKidz we work with the Uk and Puk method, an educational programme officially recognised by the Dutch government. Puk, a cheerful puppet, is the children’s playmate, while they are the ‘Ukken’, Dutch for ‘little ones’. Uk and Puk seamlessly fits into pre-school and early childhood education (PSECE). In a natural  playful manner, babies, infants and toddlers learn core skills in line with their age and perception of the world around them. This ensures that your child is optimally stimulated to develop their language skills, as well as in their social-emotional development, motor and sensory development, and numeracy.

PSECE is especially effective in giving children that extra developmental boost if needed, while on the other hand PSECE contributes to a smoother transition into your child’s next developmental stage from nursery school to elementary school. Our PSECE+ coordinator works close together with her team to ensure that any learning deficits are made up and that kids have a head start before going to elementary school.


At UniKidz the following areas in your child’s development are stimulated:

  • Language development: including learning new words and improving vocabulary in general.
  • Basic numeracy: learning how to count, measure things, plus orientation in space and time.
  • Motor development: stimulation of both gross and fine motor skills.
  • Social-emotional development: stimulating independence, self-confidence, as well as cooperation and playing together.


UniKidz’s PSECE+ programme offers also activities like drama- and dance classes by School of Theatre ACT, mini- and junior gym by ‘ik-ben-fit’ Arena, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and many more activities focussing on the self development of children.


UniKidz+ concept

When we notice that your child could do with a few extra challenges, our UniKidz+ concept can offer extra intensification and advanced topics that are specifically tailored to your child’s needs. Those extra challenges can particularly make the difference during this developmental stage. The PSECE+ programme customised for your child will be developed and supervised by our experienced PSECE+ staff in close collaboration with our remedial teacher of our label ‘mijn-studie’ Spot.

If you want to learn more about the unique UniKidz+ concept, please click here.

Our Pre-School Fees

Would you like to know what it costs to bring your child to our childcare (Pre-School)? Please contact planning and placement to make a calculation for your specific situation on telephone number 020-41656591 or In addition, check whether you are eligible for childcare allowance or municipal VVE (Pre-School) allowance.

Childcare allowance

The government states that childcare is a joint responsibility of parents, employers and the government. Working parents who use childcare are eligible for compensation from the government. Those parents sign a contract with the childcare organization and have final financial responsibility. You will receive an invoice from your childcare organization which you can use to apply for childcare allowance with the Dutch Tax Administration (part of the Ministry of Finance). More information on this can be found at The awarded allowance depends on family income, the number of children using childcare, the number of hours and the costs of childcare.

If you need help figuring things out, please do not hesitate to ask our assistance!

Opening hours Pre-school location UniKidz Steiger

Contactdetails Days Opening hours
Half Day
Opening hours
Full Day
Eva Besnyöstraat 464 Monday 07.30 – 13.00 07.30 – 18.30
1086 ZJ AMSTERDAM Tuesday 07.30 – 13.00 07.30 – 18.30 Wednesday 07.30 – 13.00 07.30 – 18.30
(020) 416 56 91 Thursday 07.30 – 13.00 07.30 – 18.30
Friday 07.30 – 13.00 07.30 – 18.30

Opening hours Pre-school location UniKidz ParkHoek

Contactdetails Days Opening hours
Eva Besnyöstraat 571 Monday 07.30 – 18.30
1087 LG AMSTERDAM Tuesday 07.30 – 18.30 Wednesday 07.30 – 18.30
(020) 416 56 91 Thursday 07.30 – 18.30
Friday 07.30 – 18.30

Opening hours Pre-school location UniKidz Neptunus

Contactdetails Days Opening hours
Piet Zwarthof 2 Monday 08.20 – 13.40
1087 AX AMSTERDAM Tuesday 08.20 – 13.40 Thursday 08.20 – 13.40
(020) 416 56 91