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Rates for preschool childcare (day nursery) and preschool and early-school education

The rates for preschool childcare (day nursery) and a full day of preschool and early-school education for 2022 are:

Number of daysPer monthHourly rate
1 day€ 459,51€ 9,64
2 days€ 902,81€ 9,47
3 days€ 1.339,91€ 9,37
4 days€ 1.763,67€ 9,25
5 days€ 2.180,75€ 9,15

UniKidz works with tiered prices for the day nursery (0-4 years). We will gladly calculate the total monthly costs for your personal situation.

The rates for a half day of preschool and early-school education for 2022 are:

Number of daysPer monthHourly rate
1 day (half day)€ 160,02€ 9,00
2 days (half day)€ 320,04€ 9,00
3 days (half day)€ 479,97€ 9,00

* There are several ways to be eligible for allowances for a half-day of preschool and early-school education. If one parent has an income, then they are entitled to a municipal allowance. If the child has a special education plan ('indicatie' in the Dutch system), there is the possibility of an allowance for additional costs. The personal contribution can be calculated with this calculation tool: 

If both parents work, they can make use of the childcare allowance. 

For a half day of preschool and early-school education, a minimum purchase of two mornings is required. The half-day preschool and early-school education is closed during school holidays.

Not all our locations offer half-day or full-day preschool and early-school education care. Contact us for more information.

Childcare allowance

The Dutch government believes that childcare is a matter for parents, employers, and the government. Parents who work and make use of childcare can therefore receive an allowance from the government. Parents themselves make an agreement with the childcare organization and are financially responsible. Parents will receive an invoice from the childcare organization and have the possibility to apply for an allowance via the tax administration. Visit for more information. Parents can apply for childcare allowance via the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). This allowance depends on the family income, the number of children using childcare, the number of hours, and the costs of the day nursery.

UniKidz rates are all-inclusive

UniKidz's pricing and the prices of our competitors are virtually the same. Sometimes, the hourly rate seems a bit higher, but it's actually cheaper – it definitely means your kids can have a whole lot more fun! It also makes certain activities accessible for children who normally would not have access to them. 

At UniKidz, you get a total package with care during working days and holidays. There are no additional costs for our activities, for which parents would normally pay the price below in addition to the day nursery costs. Examples of costs that parents save when their child is taken care of at UniKidz are: 

  • Junior Gym (normally €60 per month)
  • My Little van Gogh (normally €80 per month)
  • Mini Professors (normally €80 per month)
  • SteamKidz (normally €55 per month)