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Partnerships with schools

We are currently collecting children from the following schools:

Amsterdam IJburg

  • De Poseidon
  • De Archipel
  • Laterna Magica
  • Het Podium
  • De Willibrord
  • Neptunus
  • De Zuiderzee
  • Montessorischool Steigereiland

Amsterdam Zuid*

  • De Scholekster
  • Lycée Francais Vincent van Gogh
  • 2e Daltonschool
  • Abberdingk Thijmschool
  • Cornelis Vrijschool
  • De Wielewaal
  • Oscar Carré
  • De Pinksterbloem

Amsterdam West*

Amstelveen Westwijk*

Amsterdam Nieuw-West

* UniKidz Zuid, West, Amstelveen, Schuit and Aker are new locations. It is currently not yet sure from which schools we will offer after-school collection. Contact us for the latest information. 

If your child's school is not listed but you are interested in the unique UniKidz concept, please let us know! We'll look together with you to see if there is a possibility to add the school to the list.