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At UniKidz, children and employees are central and this is reflected in the quality. Much attention is paid to the talent development of both children and employees, among other things through our unique range of activities for children and the development opportunities for employees. We also continuously invest in furnishing the locations to keep them as challenging and well-maintained as possible.

Our locations are inspected annually by the GGD. For example, the pedagogical policy, the health and safety policy, the personnel and the groups and the furnishing are assessed. Following an annual inspection, the GGD draws up a risk profile: they estimate whether a lot or little supervision is required at a location. The UniKidz locations for which a risk profile has been established are all green, the highest possible rating. That is a nice stamp on the quality we deliver. We fully comply with the Childcare Law and more.

Our quality and safety manager (former GGD inspector) is, among other things, responsible for internal control of the implementation and execution of the Childcare Law within UniKidz, but also of the implementation of UniKidz's own policy and our high quality. In this way we guarantee a safe, familiar environment for our children.