Welcome to UniKidz

A second home for toddlers and youngster ages 0 to 18 year. With activities and programs that enable kids to tap into their strengths and reach full potential by addressing their talents and natural taste for exploring things. Allowing them to discover their uniqueness while expanding their horizon in a playful manner. In a safe environment, where ‘you must’ doesn’t exist, yet everything is possible.

Close to our
parents and kids

We are more than happy to listen to your needs and wishes. It is after all together with you that we plan our programmes and activities. It is essential to us that our kids get the opportunity to grow and flourish in a safe, trusted and inspiring environment. Some kids need to let of steam, others thrive on quite time to themselves. Yet others have the natural urge to learn or create. As long as they can be themselves. That too is part of ‘by-itself development’.

A creative, dynamic and energetic team

Our team is UniKidz’s think-tank, consisting of professional sports and exercise trainers, dance and drama teachers, pedagogical coaches, teaching assistants, social-pedagogical workers, nurses, psychologists, teamleaders, marketeers, accountants, HR professionals, and so more (MBO, Bachelor and Master degree)

Our activities
empower kids

We offer extensive programs and activities for kids, ranging from sports to outdoor activities, fun and games, dance, drama, cooking, creativity and education. Kids can make their own decision whether to go for active or relaxing activities. In short, something for everyone!

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New at UniKidz: our Boerderij location

Our ASCR (BSO) location Boerderij is housed at a very special site,
namely the grounds of the IJburg Farm (‘Boerderij’ in Dutch).
This small-scale ASCR focuses on outdoor activities, nature and animals.

Opening in September 2018, registration open now!

Make a tour
through our activities

Cooking Workshops
for kids

Kids are curious and want to experience things hands-on. We offer a wide range of cooking workshops for kids. With various themes and techniques.

* this activity can be participated by kids of ASC (After School Care) as well as only for recreation

School of Theatre
for kids

The magic of theatre stimulates most kids to show a different side of their personalities. With our singing, dance and acting classes they get all-round performing experience.


* this activity can be participated by kids of ASC (After School Care) as well as only for recreation

Sports and Games
for kids

Endurance, concentration and agility increase problem solving skills in kids. But most of all, being active is fun! That’s why we activate our kids, both indoor and outdoor.

* this activity can be participated by kids of ASC (After School Care) as well as only for recreation

Learning with your head and with your intuition

Learning can be fun! From tying shoelaces to learning to play chess, as well as after-school tutoring. In this way, remedial teaching stimulates concentration, perseverance and motivation.

* this activity can be participated by kids of ASC (After School Care) as well as only for recreation

What parents say about UniKidz

  • “We are very thankful to a great help Mijn Studie Spot teacher Els gave to our son. A teacher at school could not say much about development of our son who is by nature a perfectionist and shy person plus speaking a non-Dutch language at home complicated the matters. That is why we decided to seek for a help outside the school.

    Teacher Els helped our son understand his strength and weakness and enhance the former while finding a way to at least neutralize the latter. In a few months of lessons in a playful form our son changed a lot becoming: more enthusiastic at school, he is not afraid of making mistakes any more and knows how to ask proper questions to solve challenges and problems. In the end we noticed that he became a happier person which is the most important.”

    Parent ‘mijn-studie’ Spot
  • Altijd vrolijke en lieve leid(st)ers. Volle aandacht voor de kids waardoor zij zich welkom voelen.

  • Nothing here is more important than kid’s happiness and wellbeing. Nothing. And that’s why we would not choose for any other team to take care of our human cubs!

  • Personal attention, staff does not change, and kids are valued! Brilliant activities ‘all in’ like MTB, cooking classes, jump fun, Artis, etc. Love this place!

  • It is several years now that our kids have been spending 3 afternoons per weeks at UniKidz, enjoying every minute there. Every time we pick them up in the evening they tells us how pleasant their afternoon has been. The kind, enthusiastic and professional team always knows how to surprise them with the most diverse workshops that they have so much fun participating in. During the school holidays they also offer day-long and diverse  themes, and they organize all kinds of things. In combination with excellent pedagogical staff and supervision, this makes UniKidz our ideal child day care center for different ages.

  • With their diverse activities program and super-enthusiastic staff, UniKidz keeps on surprising us and has our kids eager to go to day care!

  • UniKidz has been a trusty and stable factor in our family since 2010. For our kids, UniKidz is a safe and cozy home away from home after school and during school holidays, with fun daytrips, activities and lots of sports. Absolutely the best child care center on IJburg! A big thank you in advance for all the years you took good care of our daughter Iris, who has to leave because she is now “too big”. Our son Julian will stay and romp around for a few more years with you guys!

    Ester and Niels

UniKidz is constantly ‘on the move’

We are constantly working to further optimize our offering.
Find out below what’s new about our international chilcare, activities, school for theatre, sports studio, kids’ cooking studio and tutorial studio. And read more about events we participate in.