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My Little van Gogh at UniKidz

The activities are suitable for children from 12 months and older and focus on the developmental needs of different ages and stimulating creativity and self-confidence.

The little ones develop both their sensory skills as well as fine and gross motor skills during creative play or free-flow sessions. As they get a little older, the little ones' cognitive and motor skills are more developed, they become more involved in the activities, and have more interaction with other children.

In these sessions, children discover new ways to paint, work together as a team to create something, mix, prepare their own materials, and develop their own ideas by selecting and using materials.

Children from the age of 6 work on activities that train them to make unconventional connections, to think outside the box, and to find innovative solutions through creative and hands-on games.

The children face an important challenge. They invent, design, and create their own world with the available resources and experiment with new materials and techniques. In these sessions, we remind children that messy can be fun, that you can't make mistakes in art, and the importance of self-expression.

We work together with the My Little van Gogh Club Nederland who present the workshops in the studios at our own locations.