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Is your child struggling at school or do they need a good place to work where they can really focus on their homework? Or are you just not able to offer the right guidance to your rebellious teenager? At Scoolz, we understand that this period can be especially challenging. Your child is going through so many things that school is often not at the top of their list of priorities. But as a parent, you know better and understand that a good education is essential to your child's future and that they need to do the best they can do.

A child is often not exactly excited about the prospect of homework assistance. Yet it can be very helpful to create a clear overview, to learn to plan better, and to finish homework on time. This also ensures better preparation for exams or tests. So, it's definitely worthwhile to give it a go! At Scoolz, you won't find sterile walls and a boring environment. We believe in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a joint homework table, focus spaces, and a quiet room.

Bij Scoolz geen steriele muren in een saaie omgeving. Wij geloven in een huiselijke sfeer. Er is een gezamenlijke huiswerktafel, er zijn focusplekken en een stiltekamer. 


The Scoolz programme is a collaborative effort with our partner KNAP!

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