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UniKidz and education

We are committed to a strong form of cooperation between education and childcare, offering children a warm and safe environment in which we jointly allow them to explore the integrated world of education and childcare with love and care.


‘Each and every day, we are committed to giving children and young people the freedom to grow and flourish and to get the very best out of themselves using our educational vision. By creating a safe environment and offering a wide range of activities, we encourage children and young people to challenge themselves and to discover and develop their personal talent.’


In today's and tomorrow's world, parents will always be busy with their daytime activities, so it remains necessary for us to take on the role of parents when they can’t be there themselves. This is so much more than just ‘babysitting’ alone. When the parents can't be there, we take over their normal tasks and responsibilities the very best we can. We see this as our primary responsibility.’ 

Distinctive Value

We have four labels to help us shape the ongoing development of children between the ages of 0 and 18. We offer a unique activity programme that is subdivided into the different age groups and in which all labels are covered. This ensures that every child can develop on every level and discover their own unique talents.

  • Ages 0-2:
 Baby care (day nursery)
  • Ages 2-4: 
Preschool childcare (preschool and early-school education)
  • Ages 4-13: Care during school breaks (After-school care)
  • Ages 10-18:
 Scoolz (after-school care)