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UniKidz Neptunus

UniKidz Neptunus is centrally located in the IJburg district behind the shopping centre on Joris Ivensplein square. This is the first in-school location of UniKidz. Basisschool Neptunus primary school is a Dalton Plan school with the profile science, nature, and technology. UniKidz offers after-school care and preschool and early-school education at this location. With the preschool and early-school education groups for 2 to 4-year olds, UniKidz builds the bridge to education in cooperation with the primary school. The after-school care also offers childcare in the unique UniKidz concept with a versatile programme of activities. So, if your child loves exercise, dancing, cooking, or technology, then sign up now!

UniKidz works closely together with primary school Neptunus.

UniKidz Neptunus

Meet our enthusiastic team at UniKidz Neptunus!

  • UniKidz


  • Locatiemanager Steiger & Neptunus
  • Pedagogisch medewerker VVE & BSO
  • MindKidz


  • STEAM-Co√∂rdinator
  • Lego Educator
  • UniKidz


  • Pedagogisch medewerker VVE
  • Pedagogisch medewerker BSO
  • UniKidz


  • Pedagogisch medewerker KDV & BSO