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Attention for little ones

Even the little ones are challenged to develop themselves further in their own playful and natural way under the caring guidance of our team of experts.


We stimulate the development of our children by offering activities that are appropriate to their age. These activities represent a perfect balance between active and relaxing activities that take place both indoors and outdoors and which stimulate the natural curiosity that every child possesses. This is important, as quite a lot happens in the development from baby to toddler, such as motor development, developing fine mobility skills, socio-emotional development, communication and language development, and self-reliance. Babies change from helpless little humans into children who can stand, run, talk, taste, and do all the other things that we develop during our lives. Our activities stimulate this development in an extra fun way. And, of course, there is also plenty of opportunity for the children to relax, sleep, or listen to a story.

At UniKidz, the day nurseries are set up to enable children to do their thing in a safe way. Because our locations are equipped with spaces such as a sports hall, cooking studio, dance and theatre hall, STEAM Makerspace, creative studio, and an outdoor playroom, we can provide many activities at our own locations. 

We work with a fixed group of staff at our day nurseries, as this creates a sense of trust while also ensuring that the children feel safe and secure. Our educational staff create a fun and safe atmosphere, so that the children quickly feel at home at UniKidz. Our team consists of highly qualified staff who each have their own specializations, including creative therapists, dance and theatre teachers, sport and exercise teachers, nurses, and educational coaches.


There's nothing better than working at UniKidz!

- Marcella, team leader at UniKidz day nursery


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