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UniKidz Zeehelden is located in elementary school De Catamaran LandLust in the Hertspieghelweg in the Zeehelden neighbourhood in Amsterdam West. Primary school De Catamaran has an ecumenical character with an emphasis on science & technology and art & culture, with which the vision and the activities program of UniKidz fit in well. UniKidz offers preschool and early-school education at this location. With the preschool and early-school education groups for 2 to 4-year olds, UniKidz builds a bridge to education in cooperation with the primary school. So, if you are looking for a challenging preschool you found it!

UniKidz works closely together with primary school De Catamaran Landlust.

UniKidz Zeehelden

Meet our enthusiastic team at UniKidz Zeehelden!

  • UniKidz


  • Locatiemanager Staatslieden, Zeehelden,
  • VVE Plus co√∂rdinator, Pedagogisch Coach, Pedagogisch medewerker BSO
  • UniKidz


  • Pedagogisch flexmedewerker BSO & BSO
  • SkillsKidz
  • UniKidz


  • Pedagogisch medewerker VVE & BSO